What To Bring
  • Weapon (Rifle hunters: make sure to sight in before you arrive).
  • ​Ammo 
  • Personal Gear 
    • ​​Toiletries
  • ​Towel
  • Pilow, Sleeping bag
  • Rangefinder (bowhunters)
  • Binoculars 
  • ​Flashlight
  • Minimum of 1 set of cold weather clothing 
  • Minimum of 1 set of warm weather clothing 
  • Hunter Safety Card  (if born on or before 1949 you do NOT need a hunter safety card)
  • Driver License 
  • Rifle or Muzzle Loader hunters must have 500 square inches of SOLID balze orange, vest and head covering.  Camouflage orange or mesh garments do NOT qualify.

​***Check in is at 3pm on the day prior to the scheduled hunt date.  Please feed yourself on this day as dinner will not be provided.
***Check out is at 12pm the day after your hunt.  This allows clean-up crew to prepare for new hunters.